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A leading international agency for filmmakers

Here at Betti Berlin we represent film directors and cinematographers,  offering bright new-comers as well as as established talent.

Accomplished, well connected, and always brimming with fresh ideas.  Here at Betti Berlin our strengths lie in commissioning creative and international projects.  We pride ourselves in our extensive and established professional network and we excel in connecting great people to great work.

Working with the international creative community we cover everything from commercials and music videos to documentaries and feature films.

With an impressive client roster that includes both seasoned professionals as well as upcoming fresh talent, we aim to build game changing careers.  Our clients produce award winning work that is unique, outstanding and distinctive.  Streets apart and anything but ordinary.

All our clients are creatives at heart; constantly pushing the boundaries of their own work.  When not shooting Ads you’ll find them exhibiting their photographic works, taking part in art exhibitions and writing and shooting their own work.

Brave, fresh, arty and always curious with a finger firmly on the pulse.


At Betti Berlin we maintain a fully rounded approach when it comes to everything film

Well versed not only in the Ad world but also feature films and documentaries; just another one of the reasons why our clients love being with us so much.


Agency Founder Betti’s passions have always been music and film and combining them for almost 10 years as an Executive Producer.

Having produced a vast amount of commercials all over the world, her big love was always music videos.  In that genre her work took her from shooting with Flava Flav on the streets of New York City to producing the video for legendary track Silver Screen by Felix Da Housecat featuring Miss Kitten (Felix was her favorite but don’t tell Flava that!)

From Frankfurt, via Los Angeles to Berlin she established herself firmly on the Berlin and international scene.  Building a network of extensive contacts, she has always had a knack of spotting the talent of tomorrow both within the staff and clients she draws to work with her.  A people person, full of energy and with a personal touch, her joy lies in creating opportunities for the people she works with to shine.

After a three years sabbatical in the art business, in January 2010 she launched Betti Berlin.


Experts with an in depth understanding of film and scripts we are dedicated to nurturing long term business relationships.  The Betti Berlin team always play to their strengths; warm hearted, invigorated with excellent business etiquette Betti Berlin continues to draw both clients and staff of great caliber, offering a boutique service on an international playing field.

Based in the boho-elegant streets of Prenzlauer Berg and with a modern take on how to work, we are always looking for new trends and fresh ideas and how we can integrate them into our future business.

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Betti Berlin
Founder and owner, passionate agent for filmmakers and citizen of the world. Loves film, music, nature, Tennis and Yoga.

Stéphanie Crame
Agent. Loves movies, singing, dancing, dogs, doing silly jokes and video collages.

Katja Charlotte Rohr
Agent. Sales & Marketing / Social Media Manager. Intuitive. Open Minded. Visionary.

Christian Hoppenstedt
Entertainment lawyer who oversees contracts of our feature film clients.
Big fan of German film.


Based in Berlin with directors and cinematographers situated worldwide, we are a company thats works internationally commissioning commercials, documentaries and feature films in Europe, U.K, Russia, Asia, U.S.A and the Middle East


Work hard / play hard

We like to meet in a relaxed atmosphere with the people we work with and organize regular events to do this in our own Betti Berlin style.

So whether it be finding us on the tennis court at Cannes or joining us for our Every 14th or Berlinale Breakfast you are sure to be in for a fun time with an interesting crowd.

Une soirée francaise @Betti Berlin

An evening to share our New Years’ resolutions and some disco dancing in our kitchen.

An evening with video art and short films in our office

An evening with video art and short films in our office

Cannes Tennis Breakfast

Early Bird Tennis in Berlin

Every 14th at the SoHo House Berlin

Every 14th at the SoHo House Berlin

Every 14th at the SoHo House Berlin


Berlinale Breakfast at the historic Café Einstein

Berlinale Breakfast at the historic Café Einstein

Cannes Tennis Breakfast

Cannes Tennis Breakfast

Cannes Tennis Breakfast

Cannes Tennis Breakfast

Cannes Tennis Breakfast